GoPro \ hardware -> Software \ Tech Eating World

While performing a search in Google for GoPro coupon codes, I found a number of websites that seemed to be competing for the real estate over this competitive search term. And this got me thinking about the famous statement from Marc Andreesen, that “software is eating the world.” As the founder of Netscape Navigator, the

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How Apple Revolutionized Technology

The world is full of tech moguls: Larry Elison, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg. And of course, probably the greatest entrepreneur of the 20th and 21st centuries, Elon Musk. While Musk will surely go down in the history books, I believe that there is another name who should also sit right besides him. That name is

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believe in technology

Our Manifesto

<beginmanifesto> we at JF Playhouse do hereby decree our beliefs that: technology is liberating. technology is limiting. technology is everything. most of all, technology is fun. automate all the things. open source > walled garden open > closed android > apple technology = happiness .code is poetry </endmanifesto>

A look at recent open source projects on Kickstarter

For my first post I thought it would be fun to dive into some exciting open source projects on Kickstarter. Quirkbot The first campaign that caught my eye was for Quirkbot, which is described by its founders as a “microcontroller toy that anyone can program.” Apparently they have manufactured with another company, Starbees, to create

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