A look at recent open source projects on Kickstarter

For my first post I thought it would be fun to dive into some exciting open source projects on Kickstarter.


The first campaign that caught my eye was for Quirkbot, which is described by its founders as a “microcontroller toy that anyone can program.” Apparently they have manufactured with another company, Starbees, to create all sorts of quirky robots that can be programed directly on Quirkbot’s website. It is a product made with kids in mind primarily, but I have to say that I would personally love to get my hands on this as well. As the founders say, they believe that everyone has the right to program. You can use Quirkbot to create all sorts of robots and even computer and video game controllers. It’s very cool to see such advances in the world of physical hardware and it makes me optimistic for the future.


Open qPCR

Open qPCR makes use of something called PCR, which is a real-time technology that can detect foodborne contaminants like E. Coli and also identify falsely labeled food products. In spite of the promise that it holds, this technology isn’t cheap, with products beginning in the $20,000 USD range.

The Open qPCR aims to disrupt DNA diagnostics by crowdsourcing a machine that converts DNA into data at a price affordable for most everyone.