Technology Overview of Automatic Juicer

Automatic juicers can be seen in every urbane household nowadays. This machine was first introduced in 1945 and has since been one of the most wanted kitchen appliances. The automatic juicers are not only found in homes but are also an important component of the kitchens of hotels, restaurants and cafeterias.

Juicers have a very specific function and they help in separating the juice from the fibre found in fruits. However, most people often tend to interchangeably use the term juicer and blender. However, that is not the correct approach as blenders and juicers are two absolutely different things with different specifications and functions.
And, here’s more on the technology of a blender vs juicer.

• To put it in simple terms, juicers ideally crush and squeeze the fruits to extract the juice while the blenders chop and mix all the ingredients with the help of one blade.
• Also, while blenders can be the immersion and stick kinds, juicers are of the following types. Twin-gear/triturating juicers, hand-crank juicers, centrifugal juicers and masticating/cold-press juicers.
• Also, while the blenders usually have only one blending jar with a blade, juicers have a few separate parts and not all are dishwasher safe.
Understanding the differences between juicing and blending

When making a juice with the help of a juicer all the fibres are removed and what people get is a concentrated liquid. However, when blending, nothing is thrown away or wasted and the fruit fibre that is blended along gives a thick smooth consistency. The blenders also have various adjustments that enable people to get a little coarse or smooth liquid.

Overview of the different kinds of juicer

Centrifugal Juicers: In this type of a juicer, the metal blade rotates and presses the fruit against an inbuilt strainer. And, since the strainer is there to separate the pulp and juice, concentrated juice flows into the container that is meant for collecting the juice. These juicers usually are not as expensive and as such very commonly found.

Cold Pressor Masticating Juicers: These are usually the more sophisticated machines and ideal for very health conscious people who want to derive the maximum benefits of the juice. These juicers ideally work by pressing and crushing the fruits.

Differences in the end products derived using juicers vs blenders


• Juices ideally have more concentrated amounts of vitamins and nutrients
• Juices facilitate better absorption of nutrients
• Juices are quite easy to absorb and digest


• Smoothies have a lot of fibers and as such are more filling
• Smoothies have a lot of antioxidants and even reduce wastage

Which one to buy, a juicer or a blender?

Making a decision, whether to buy a juicer or a blender is often quite confusing as people do not usually know the difference between the two and their end outcomes. Here’s how to decide which machine to go for.
If you have digestion problems and cannot digest high fiber content, you must always go for juicers as juices are easy to digest.

However, if you have issues with easy bowel movement and constipation, you must try to have an ample amount of smoothies as these have rich fibre content which helps in facilitating bowel movement. And, for smoothies, a blender is what you need.

Therefore, with a thorough understanding of the differences between the technology and the final outcome of blenders and juicers, you can easily make your choice when looking to buy one.

The impact of ping pong technology to the society

Ping pong is game that has evolved faster in recent times. It has evolved according to the type of material to counter the modernity and the digital solutions. In addition, the software developers uses the internet and programming language to design ping pong video games as a tool of practice. The game are available in computers and smartphones such ha even if you are traveling you have an option of gaming at the comfort of the train. What a good way to unwind?

Conversely, the current technology in ping pong does not involve a human hand in the recording of scores. The paddle and the table are connected to a network such that when a ball hits any part of the table which is considered a win. It automatically records on the score board. What an innovative technology.

You are alone in the house and you do not want to get out and get a human player or even you do not want to play your game. Just because it accelerate physical inactivity. You are tired, you want a me time but at the same time you want to involve in a workout program. Technology solves your challenge. You can use ping pong robots as an opponent to help you in the movement of your legs and other parts of the body for the sake of a win.

You have to shoot balls in a manner that it uses the principle of trajectory and projection to ensure it lands in a point within he table. The ball hitting and response skills should act as a guide and use your metal thinking capacity to hot it back in an area where your opponent will have difficulty in navigating. This is only possible when you have state of the art paddle with a rubber lining as opposed to the old wooden material with poor bouncing skills.

Ping pong technology is seen in various aspects of the game. Tennis table on the other hand, have moved various steps in its innovation. Hey have added a touch of beauty and aesthetic value especially for table tennis equipment.

The internet has improved the level of dissemination of information. The rules of the game, the play tricks and even audio visual content. You want to watch a spectacular ping pong game that is a talk in the social media circles, then visit the world federation championships websites and get the feeling. This helps beginners to master the art of the ping pong gaming.

Technology helps you to have real time messaging service and social interaction with your friends and relatives in the social media platforms. How will they know, you are a participant in the world table tennis championships? You use the GPS location toolkits integrated in he social media soultuon to achieve this objective.

A ping pong game is played in western state, spectators in Africa will view the game real time, thanks to technology in the radio and television industry. Ping pong technology is displayed in various sectors of the game.