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We started publishing technology blogs in 2008. Gaming software and Android apps are the cornerstones of our publishing. We always review the gaming consoles and their operating systems. We branched out into all spheres of software development in 2012. The belief was that software is a holistic thing that requires a holistic approach. This has been true for many software development companies.

Our first articles also concentrated on cloud computing. Many companies were migrating their services and operations to the cloud. We thought that it would be a good idea to publish cloud-computing articles. Over the years, we have also published blogs related to API. Our latest focus is on digital payment processing systems. As the world migrates towards digital currency, cryptocurrency programs will take center stage. Fortunately, you can catch up on all these insights on our blog.


Our services won't be possible without the invaluable input of several people. These people include;

Matthew Dupont

Computer developer

Wesley Smith

Content Writer

Janet Romelo

Cyber Security