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Opera CEO Can Fuck the Hell Off


Opera 10 came out.

Does anyone care?

Hey Opera CEO, remember how you used to charge for Opera? I do. I also remember how you insisted upon charging per copy instead of switching to search-based revenue. Remember that?

Remember how your free version had a banner ad in it? How could people choose IE over an ADDITIONAL BANNER AD FOR EVERY WEBSITE. What were they thinking?

Remember how you charged $40 for the full version? When IE did the job and was free?

Remember how Opera didn’t go totally free until 2005? By the time Firefox was already gaining popularity? Remember how Firefox became the default alternative because you didn’t want to change revenue models? Remember that?

But instead of admitting mistakes and moving on, you decided to call mommy eu for help, right? You basically called the mob once you realized your business was in trouble.

Fuck off with Opera 10. IE8, Firefox and Safari 4 are all good browsers. The days of IE6 are over which is when Opera could have taken the place that Firefox has today.

All you can hope for now is that people pick your browser in the OS ballot that mommy eu is requiring. Good luck going into a vote as the unknown candidate. I’m gonna laugh my ass off it it doesn’t change anything or just gives Firefox more share. You fucking poon, fuck the hell off.