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OSX is an acceptable alternative to Windows and an excellent alternative to Linux.


So I sometimes have to do software testing in OSX so once in a while I will cover Macworld.

First let me state what I like about Macs:

Dock is nice, clean and customizable.

I love the mouse. Not the retarded single-button mouse that came with it but the optical 5 button mouse that I plugged into it.

Unix utilities like Samba and CUPS are properly buried away from public view. The user doesnt have to open a command prompt to setup basic file sharing with a Windows pc. Thank you Apple engineers for applying common sense.

Good for people that are hopeless when it comes to safe computing habits.

Not an Apple exclusive but I do like how Mac minis and iMacs are space efficient. Bulky desktops should have disappeared years ago.

Now for what I dont like:

Not as many programs and utilities available as compared to Windows. I can get by though I often find myself wanting a program that is Windows only.

Dock is good for program launching but not management. I can find programs quicker with the Windows taskbar.

Limited Mac hardware configurations and overpriced upgrades. I have to spend over 2 grand to get a system with a quad core? No thanks. Ram upgrades are an even bigger joke. Lack of a black option for macbooks is also a problem. Im too rough for a white notebook.

Inaccessible hardware. I really dont like how you are expected to buy a new mac when you want to upgrade the hard drive. Check out this video of how to upgrade a hard drive on the imac.

The mac store. I dont want to talk to annoying hipsters in pastel t-shirts, ever.

Annoying mac people who see the whole thing as a trendy club and seek validation from other club members. I don’t want to go to a coffee shop and have some mac douchebag assume that I am his pal because I have the same corporate product. Best line I have heard from a Mac evangelist at a coffee shop: You don’t even need Windows now that you can run Windows in parallels. Right…you don’t need it at all except for that full version you will need so you can run it in a virtualized instance.

Finally, I dont like how the Macbooks come with an Apple logo on them. This is rarely covered and it really bothers me. If you expect me to pay that much for a laptop then I should have the choice of not having such a blatant ad on the lid, especially one that glows in the dark. Paying extra to advertise? F the H off with that plan.

Though I have no reason to switch to a mac I do like some of Apples other offerings. I mostly use IE8 in Vista but when Im on the Mac I prefer Safari 4 to anything else. I also like the iphone and how the app store is designed around independent developers.

Im also glad that macs are around because they show Linux fanatics that

1. Unix can be turned into a consumer operating system that doesnt require sudo apt-get

2. Blaming M$ for people not wanting to switch to Linux is a poor excuse when Apple requires that you spend at least $600 on a new computer if you want to switch to OSX.

3. Samba and CUPS are better off buried.

Oh and to people who run Linux on a Mac: Youre insane.