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What Is Ethical Hacking?


Ethical hacking is a way for individuals to test the security of their own systems. This can be done as either an individual or in a group, and it is often used by companies to find vulnerabilities that might otherwise go unnoticed. This type of hacking helps not only in finding potential problems but also provides insight into what precautions may need to be taken against such attacks. It has become more common as society moves towards a digital age because hackers are able to infiltrate networks with relative ease. It’s important for any company or individual who wants protection from possible cyberattacks should take advantage of this service, which will help protect them from future harm.

Ethical hacking is the process of testing a computer system, network or web application to find vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. It also refers to the ethical hacker’s actions within the system. The intention of ethical hacking from a company’s perspective is twofold:


(1) it helps identify security gaps so they can be closed before an actual attack; and


(2) it provides evidence about how intruders might act on their malicious intentions.


An example would be when a security analyst with knowledge in hacking goes through every possible scenario in order to figure out where there are weak points in your defenses and then tells you what needs to change so that you are able to prevent future attacks against your business. Ethical hackers use many techniques such as vulnerability.